Copacabana & Ipanema

A walking audio tour guide in English in Rio de Janeiro featuring 7 highlights.
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Rio. The name summons images of impossibly beautiful people decorating sweeping beaches with domes of granite in the background. This is Rios Zona Sul, or South Zone but Zona Sul is so much more. Stroll past trendy clothing and shoe stores, or window-shop outside the high-end jewelry stores, then refresh yourself at the restaurant where the song The Girl from Ipanema was written. If you enjoy the simpler pleasures, sip from a chilled coconut by the lake, strike up a conversation with the vendor at the newspaper stand, linger over a deliciously rich cup of coffee, or sit at the beach and marvel at the amazing game of foot volley. Nestled between tree-shrouded cliffs and the shimmering South Atlantic, Rios South Zone should be visited at least once.

Author: John Clites
John Clites contracted the travel bug when a child and has never shaken it, having visited 49 of the 50 states and 26 countries. For the last 12 years he called South Florida home, before moving to Rio de Janeiro. He now lives in Ipanema. An amateur photographer and author for many years, John now writes professionally, but he never intends to let travel and exploration become more work than play.

Coverimage: Praia Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro by Bryn Pinzgauer (CC BY 2.0)

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Rua Constante Ramos 145
22051-011, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, BR

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