Arborato Cerchio

A 5 km walking audio tour guide in Italian in Lucca featuring 6 highlights.
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Guide Description

Una guida che ti accompagna nella visita della rinascimentale cerchia muraria di Lucca, ancora perfettamente intatta, alla scoperta dei punti salienti rappresentati dalle porte fortificate. Esse si estendono per più di 4 km lungo un imponente terrapieno alberato.

A guide for a tour of the Renaissance ring of walls of Lucca, still perfectly intact, to discover the highlights represented by the fortified gates. The extension of the walls represents more than 4 km long imposing embankment planted with trees.

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Start Point

Porta S. Pietro
55100, Lucca
Italy, It

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This audio guide consists of 6 audio items 44 images 6 text items


You will see and learn more about the following sights & subjects:

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