Simone The Hermetic

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By Yael Bartana
1 location
Total length: 15 minutes

Yael Bartana’s 'Simone the Hermetic' is a site based audio-visual installation. The work takes place in the year 3615, in which the world is marking the 1,600th anniversary of the rise of the legendary figure of Simone – a young man who miraculously got pregnant and thereby changed humanity forever.

Bartana's sound installation leads the viewers through the streets and locations in which Simone's journey took place and eventually reached its culminating point: the disaster of the molecular disintegration of the city. The remote approach of the political and social existence of the city from an imagined future makes it possible to contemplate on some of the most central power struggles and hierarchical structures of our time.

Yael Bartana is an Israeli artist working in film, installation and photography.

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, Jerusalem
, IL

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