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A 3 km walking audio tour guide in Rotterdam featuring 6 highlights.
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Guide Description

Welcome to the soundwalk ‘untitled #290’. This soundwalk -which will take about an hour- consists of five audio pieces created exclusively from field recordings made in the actual specific locations where the listening takes place. The sound materials collected in each location have been extensively processed, mutated, edited, mixed, and composed into non-representational virtual aural micro-worlds. During the listening experience these pieces will mix to different degrees with the surrounding environment, depending on outside street noise. At times it may become difficult or nearly impossible to discern between “inside or transformed” and “outside or real” sonic perception. This is indeed an intentional feature of this soundwalk.

Each of the five listening locations indicated in the map has a corresponding audio track. These listening locations are not precise localised spots but areas which one can move through. Each track has been conceived to be listened to in its entirety before moving on to the next area. There is no need to rush: track durations allow one to slowly stroll through each area, even with occasional stops if desired. You can always pause the audio if you have reached of the end the audiotrack but have not reached the end of the area.

All audio has been engineered at relatively low volume levels, therefore the ideal listening volume for this soundwalk should be set at the maximum volume level of the iPod. Check please if your iPod is set at the maximum volume level! You can, of course, bring the volume down if you prefer a lower volume for some passages.

What you are about to experience in this soundwalk is a transmutation of the normal “reality” of the different locations into an unreal parallel sonic world. This sonic world has been solely created from that original everyday “reality”, without any additional sounds. There is no specific narrative in this sonic journey other than the one that you will inevitably create along the way depending on your personality, experience, imagination, character, and mood.

The fundamental creative act is thus to a large extent in your hands now. Are you ready? The soundwalk starts at the backside of LantarenVenster at the waterfront. Please walk over there and start track 1.
Enjoy the journey.

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Start Point

Otto Reuchlinweg 996
3072, Rotterdam
Zuid-Holland, NL

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This audio guide consists of 6 audio items


You will see and learn more about the following sights & subjects:

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