Amsterdam House Roots

A 9 km walking tour guide in English in Amsterdam featuring 20 highlights.
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The early hotspots of the Amsterdam house scene (1988 - 1999).

In 1988, suddenly there was house music. New music came from America, new party culture became a part of the world of pop. It was different, it was exciting, it was the start of a million dollar industry.

Dutch journalist Job de Wit wrote the book 'RoXY en de Houserevolutie' about these early days of Amsterdam house, and here were the places to be.

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You can buy Job de Wit's 2013 reprint of the book "RoXY en de Houserevolutie" (in dutch) as ePub or print via

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Start Point

Stationsplein 25
1012 AB, Amsterdam
North Holland, NL

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