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Welcome to the Plantage (Plantation)! What was once a recreational area with an abundance of gardens in the 17th century has meanwhile developed into one of the most beautiful residential areas of Amsterdam: the Plantage. Stately mansions, shady parks and numerous museums are located throughout this area, which stretches to the southeast from the heart of Amsterdam.

The city developed this land as part of the urban expansion in 1663. Trade was booming and the population was increasing rapidly. When this increase stagnated, however, the city council could no longer find buyers for the construction plots to the east of the Amstel river. In 1682, the city council decided to rent out the plots to be used as gardens for recreational purposes for the residents of Amsterdam. The dwellings and pleasure gardens shot up like mushrooms. With the 19th century came numerous prosperous residents of Amsterdam with the desire to erect a home in de Plantage, which is how the idyllic location became a residential area. There were many Jews among the buyers. Traces of this Jewish influence can be found in numerous monuments, ranging from old buildings to modern works of art.

This walking tour leads you to the most interesting locations in the Plantage. You can stroll through typical city parks, admire rare plants in a botanical garden or experience how the Dutch lived during the Second World War. But the route also takes you to a genuine traditional brewery and one of the largest permanent marketplaces in Amsterdam. Of course, the route also includes Artis, the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. The walking tour will take about two hours, but you are free to shorten or extend the tour, as you desire.

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Start Point

Waterlooplein 10
1011, Amsterdam
North Holland, NL

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