Eastern Docklands Walk

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It is the particularly modern architecture in the Eastern Docklands that immediately strikes the eye of everyone who visits this area. Architecture lovers come from far and wide to admire the pioneering work of the urban developers and architects in this residential area in Amsterdam. Just what appeals to them will become evident as you walk across the Java-island, the KNSM-island, Sporenburg and the Borneo-island. This area is characterised by impressive high-rise buildings, clever and divers low-rise buildings and refreshing bridges.

But the Eastern Docklands is much more than a successful residential area. It has a turbulent history of exuberant flourishing periods and tragic deterioration. The Eastern Docklands was once the centre of trade with Indonesia, Surinam and North and South America. It meant the last stop on the European continent for poor emigrants before they began on the long sea voyage that was to take them to a better future on a far continent. But in modern times, the port proved to be situated on the wrong side of the city and it eventually changed into a fallow where only artists, squatters and urban nomads felt at home. Nowadays, the Eastern Docklands is once again an attractive place to live thanks to its extraordinary location along the water and the unique architecture.

This walking tour will take you to the most special places in the Eastern Docklands, where the wind always blows and the presence of the water of the IJ is evident everywhere. The route described is also shown on the small map. Of course, you can always shorten or extend the route, as you desire. The tour will take approx. 1.5 hours.

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1019, Amsterdam
North Holland, NL

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