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Maastricht is the oldest labour- and industrial town of the Netherlands. With the settlement of several major industries form the 1830's the history of the old fortificated city entered a new era. Petrus Regout (1801-1878) gave Maastricht a new identity. Before that all conditions were created for the early industrialisation. Infrastructure was improved by the construction of the canal 'Zuid Willemsvaart' (1817-1824) and the 'Bassin' inner harbour (1826). The establishing of the industrial era also brought social trouble. Living- and working conditions of the labourers were extremely poor.

In other industrial towns many of the traces of early industrialisation are erased.

Maastricht however kept it's early industrial character and even matched it quite succesfull with the city's other identities. Much of the industrial heritage is saved and often re-used for other puposes. But a lot of the stories on everyday life in the early industrial town are not yet written.

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Start Point

Maagdendries 12
6211 RW, Maastricht
Limburg, NL

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