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A 2 km walking audio tour guide in French in Maastricht featuring 10 highlights.
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Because of its strategic position, Maastricht was one of the most important fortified- and garrison cities of Northwest Europe for centuries. The fortresses, the remains of the fortifications and the city walls are still tangible witnesses of the military strategic function of Maastricht.

For centuries, 25 percent of the Maastricht population were Spanish, 'Staatse' (followers of the republic) and French soldiers. From 1600 until ca. 1830, the city's economy was entirely aimed at the presence of the garrison within its walls. Traces of the age-long military presence still lingers on in stories, military maps, rituals and expressions.

In the socio-economic and cultural fields, Maastricht modernized itself as a fortified city. Examples are the rising of the Stokstraatkwartier as harbor area, the impressive town hall and the transformation of the appearance of the city, due to the 'from wood to stone' process. The medieval half-timbering was pass, but the medieval street pattern remained.

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Start Point

Grote Staat 1
6211 CT, Maastricht
Limburg, NL

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