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In the middle-ages, Maastricht was a religious 'tourist spot', a draw for pilgrims to the grave of Saint Servatius. The urban economy and society was mainly aimed at this religious function. Towers of the many and very varying monasteries, chapels, basilica's and parish churches dominated the monumental silhouette of the city. Even now, one can find many multicolored expressions of the ecclesiastical culture in Maastricht. The Heiligdomsvaart, which returns every seven years, is an example of the still existing religious traditions; a great example of the 'cultural continuity'. There are still many places and ecclesiastical buildings that still exude the original medieval religious atmosphere. Many renovated ecclesiastical buildings are registered as a monument, but they never became museums; they kept their religious functions. Moreover, the Maastricht churches often still have their altars, sculptures, fresco's and paintings, religious plates and ecclesiastical furniture. In Maastricht, the religious cultural inheritance hasn't ended up in the museum either.

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Onze-Lieve-Vrouweplein 6A
6211 HD, Maastricht
Limburg, NL

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