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Maastricht came into existence as a Roman settlement, thanks to its geographical position: a Roman road arrived at a shallow spot in the rive here. This made it possible to build a bridge. This is an important story in the biography of the city, because as of that moment, Maastricht has been inhabited continually. The bridge became the pivot of the city's history. The early roman founding, the late roman reinforcement and the early Christian history is dominated by Saint Servatius, the bishop of Tongres who came to Maastricht. He became the patron saint of the city.

We don't have any written sources about the first thousand years of the city's history. So how is it possible that Maastricht can be identified as 'old' city? This was the work of archeologists. They did a lot of, often spectacular, research in the Maastricht 'soil archive'. Archeology is the connecting link, which shows the continuity of the late antique period to the early middle-ages. The archeologists placed the understanding of that continuity in our collective memory, in our current daily perception of the city.
Over de eerste duizend jaar van de stadsgeschiedenis hebben we geen geschreven bronnen. Waar komt dan de legitimatie vandaan van Maastricht als 'oude' stad? Dat was het werk van archeologen. Zij hebben veel, dikwijls spectaculair, onderzoek gedaan in het Maastrichtse bodemarchief. De archeologie is de verbindende schakel, die de continuïteit van de laat antieke oudheid naar de vroege middeleeuwen heeft aangetoond. De archeologen hebben het besef van die continuïteit een plek gegeven in ons collectief geheugen, in onze actuele alledaagse beleving van de stad.

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Sint Servaasbrug
6221, Maastricht
Limburg, NL

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