Mount St. Helens

A 73 km car driven audio tour guide in English in Castle Rock featuring 15 highlights.
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Guide Description

CarTours production, Mount St. Helens: Valley of the Volcano, is designed to bring the listener to the landscape.

The award-winning 60-minute tour allows visitors driving State Route 504 to hear gripping first-person accounts of the cataclysmic event; clear, expert descriptions of the events before, during and after the explosion; and, an interpretive guided tour of the scarred scenery outside the car window. Music and sound effects, including the thrilling whistle of Roosevelt elk recorded within the Monument, enhance the visitors' experience and understanding of the area and how it is recovering from the 1980 eruption.

This interactive guide, which enables families to enjoy a guided tour from the privacy of their own vehicle, now includes the road from Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center to the Johnston Ridge Observatory. By simply popping the download button on a smartphone and maybe connecting it to the vehicle's audio system, drivers and passengers alike hear the heart-pounding stories of area residents who lived through the blast. They also learn more about how plants and animals survived the eruption, the crews that replanted more than 18 million trees, and the "Secret of the Deadly Bulge".

The tour begins at the Mount St. Helens Visitor Center at Silver Lake, just five miles off Interstate 5 at exit 49. It follows the path of the largest mud flow in recorded history, triggered by the eruption, which coursed down the Toutle River Valley.

Cover Picture by Robert Krimmel, courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

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Start Point

Spirit Lake Highway 2850
98611, Castle Rock
Washington, US

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