Do The Slow Down

A 1 km walking audio tour guide in Rotterdam featuring 1 highlights.
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Guide Description

Do The Slow Down (really), the soundwalk by Henk Bakker & Nicola Unger, is a short distance stroll (rather than a walk) perfectly suited for a contemplative moment or a lost afternoon in a big city. The track features on site recordings and generated sounds with a narrative written by Nicola.

The walk starts right in front of WORM's entrance and leads you into the direction of the skatepark (an island), continues to a white circle painted on the ground of the Eendrachtsplein, makes you pass a gate keeper (transformer) with an important message and leaves you (alone) in the skate park.

The walks lasts about 35 minutes. Don't forget, do it slow, take your time.

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Start Point

Boomgaardsstraat 71
3012, Rotterdam
South Holland, NL

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