Medieval Barcelona

A 6 km walking audio tour guide in English in Barcelona featuring 34 highlights.
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Guide Description

Medieval Barcelona is an audioguide about Barcelona in the Middle Ages: an episode in history when the city — the capital of Catalonia — dominated a vast territory and was an important centre for trade in the Mediterranean.

The Romanesque and Gothic buildings featured in this audioguide bear witness to this golden age. The audioguide is divided into geographical sections, each of them dealing with the building or landmark in question, and numbered to make them easier to find on the map attachments.
lordi, an architect and interior designer from Barcelona, will be your guide throughout the tour.

The voice of a woman at the beginning of each section will announce the name of the building or landmark and ensure you find the right location and place to view it from.

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Cover by Joropa on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Start Point

Carrer de la Ciutat 1
08002, Barcelona
Catalonia, ES

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You will see and learn more about the following sights & subjects:

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