A 4 km walking audio tour guide in English in Paris featuring 7 highlights.
This guide is 5 credits.

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The Left Bank: St. Germain, the Latin Quarter & Notre Dame.

Explore the white hot center of Paris where writers, artists and musicians come to create. Go inside St. Germain des Pres, the oldest church in Paris. Hear of massacres and martyrs, chic shops and naughty novels. Enjoy the art of the cafe,

Learn what happened to the heads of Notre Dame's statues. See Roman ruins beneath the Cathedral. Wander into a hidden jewel of a Renaissance courtyard. Window shop to the pulse of Jazz. Meander a marvelous morning market.

Glimpse the Eiffel Tower. Walk the street where the guillotine was perfected. Eat French fries in the student quarter. Encounter Ernest Hemingway, Josephine Baker, Ben Franklin and the Empress Josephine.

Learn a secret entrance to the Louvre. Soak in Impressionists and Existentialists, intellectuals and revolutionaries.

Non-Stop Running Time: One hour and 56 minutes.

Coverimage by moppet65535 on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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Start Point

Cour Carrée et Pyramide du Louvre
75001, Paris
Île-de-France, FR

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