Bratislava Audiotour

A 2 km walking audio tour guide in English in Bratislava featuring 11 highlights.
This guide is 4 credits.

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Guide Description

This self-guided Bratislava Audio Tour is your essential Bratislava guide covering the best attractions of the capital of Slovakia.

Use this guide to listen about the Bratislava top attractions while walking in the city center.

Released 01 May 2008
Script: Brano Pokrivcak
Voice: Curtis Irwin
Coverimage by photosam88 on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Vodný vrch
811 01, Bratislava
, SK

About Bratislava Audiotour

Bratislava Audiotour

Bratislava has a quite small city centre which is great for our purpose- most points of interest are in walking distance.

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This audio guide consists of 11 audio items 27 images 11 text items


You will see and learn more about the following sights & subjects:

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