A 2 km walking audio tour guide in English in Florence featuring 5 highlights.
This guide is 5 credits.

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Guide Description

Jewel of a City

Explore the distinctive Duomo of Florence, the Cathedral covered by Brunelleschi's Dome,
See the Gates of Paradise, the innovative bronze doors that ushered in the Renaissance,
Savor a Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream,
View the Ancient Baptistry,
See the spot designed for Michelangelo's David,
And the place where the Bonfire of the Vanities eventually consumed itself,
Go inside Dante's Church,
Stroll the Square that was once a Roman Forum.
Stop at a snack-stand selling the Florentine delicacy tripe,
Wander through Renaissance delights and Medieval alleys,
Enjoy magical views and timeless landscapes,
Inspect a street-front wine bar, markets, and palaces.
and a Middle Ages lost and found -- for children.
You'll end your walk at the Ponte Vecchio, the Old Bridge that's spanned the Arno River for 700 years.
Non-stop running time: One Hour and 10 Minutes

Start: Piazza del Duomo
End: Ponte Vecchio

Coverimage: Florence Duomo by oksidor (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Piazza del Duomo 19
50122, Florence
Firenze, IT

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