Old Rome

A 4 km walking audio tour guide in English in Rome featuring 6 highlights.
This guide is 5 credits.

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Guide Description

Historic Center of the 2,000 Year-Old City

You'll see the Piazza Navona,
The spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated,
Cosmic Caravaggio's, Incredible Coffee,
Art that tricks your eye, Gelato that delights your palate,
Enter the Pantheon: the world's perfect ancient building.
Stroll through the streets of Vecchia Roma, or Old Rome.
Run into a church for a quick look at a Renaissance masterpiece.
Duck into a courtyard to view a Baroque Beauty.
See the remains of ancient Temples, Baths and Latrines.
Drink sweet, delicious water from fountains still fed by Roman springs.
View a brilliant study of perspective painted on a ceiling,
See a Michelangelo sculpture in Rome's only Gothic church,
Stop at the Caffe where Tartuffo was invented. It's a chocolate ice cream dream.
See a Renaissance Palace and
Look architectural jewels by the brilliant Bernini and Borromini.
Wander where the ancient and the hip sit side by side.
Non-stop running time: One Hour and Fifteen Minutes

Start: Pantheon Square
End: Piazza Navona

Coverimage: Pantheon (HDR) by swampa (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Piazza della Rotonda 69
00186, Rome
Lazio, IT

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