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A 5 km walking audio tour guide in English in Madrid featuring 14 highlights.
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Our Madrid tour which takes about five or six hours, depending on how many breaks you take, begins with the grand Royal Palace and the great Cathedral. As you wander through the elegant Plaza de Oriente your guide to Madrid will thentell you about its development from medieval backwater to capital of half of the world.

We’ll show the secret of one of the famous statues in the Madrid and then guide you through the oldest square, the Plaza de la Villa, the grandest, the Plaza Mayor and the liveliest, the Plaza de la Puerta del Sol while explaining what the Madrilenos do with grapes on New Year’s Eve and why they eat so much ham.

With your guide to Madrid, you’ll not only know what’s what and where to find it, such a the Prado Museum in the Paseo del Prado but you’ll get a real feeling for the city as you wander along to see some of the grandest buildings in the city such as the Edificio Metropolis before finishing your tour at the Golden Triangle of Art galleries.

Coverimage: Palacio Real by Francisco Anzola (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Plaza Armería 2
28013, Madrid
Community of Madrid, ES

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