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A 9 km walking audio tour guide in English in Budapest featuring 15 highlights.
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Budapest is a city with a history of repression and foreign rule but this suffering has left it with a range a remarkable architecture. Our guide to Budapest starts at Heroes’ Square which was laid out in 896 as part of Hungary’s millennium celebrations. Over the next five or six hours, depending on how many breaks you take, this Budapest tour will point over the significance of its and tell you about the buildings around it as you look at them.

Your Budapest guide will then lead you down Andrassy Avenue, Budapest’s Champs Elysées and tell you about the Opera House and its curious Masonic significance. At St Stephen’s Basilica you’ll hear about the right hand of St Stephen and find out what disaster struck this beautiful building just after it was completed.

Budapest has Europe’s largest Synagogue and we'll recall its poignant history and tell you what to look out for during your visit. We then move onto the great museum where you’ll hear about the moving speech by Budapest’s greatest poet Sandor Petoffi. After an introduction to the city’s Central Market Hall (chicken feet, anyone?) your guide to Budapest willl lead you through the elegant Vorosmarty and Roosevelt Squares, over the famous Chain Bridge which was built by English and Scottish engineers and finally up to historic Buda.

Coverimage: DSC_3076 by T100Timlen (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Hősök tere
1146, Budapest
Budapest, HU

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