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A 5 km walking audio tour guide in English in Venice featuring 21 highlights.
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We've really got Attila the Hun to thank for all the beauty and historical buildings that Venice is so famous for. As he swept through Europe from the East during the fifth century people fled in terror from the mainland of what is now northern Italy into marshes of the lagoon.

After centuries of trade and successful military campaigns, Venice has been in decline for over five hundred years. But what a glorious decline - elegant churches, achingly beautiful views and great art. Our Venice guide will show you the best of Venice.

Our guide to Venice which takes about five to six hours depending on how many breaks you take, starts at the elegant Piazza San Marco with the exquisitely decorated Basilica di San Marco. We explain the history and meaning of its beautiful mosaics including the mysterious figure who is shown looking horrified by the contents of a basket and holding his nose. We also point out the details as you look at them on the façade of the Ducal palace.

We then take you on a tour - complete with precise directions and a printed route guide – of La Serenissima, the Serene Republic. We go from the less well known such as the Bovolo staircase to the famous such as the Accademia. We explain the history of this remarkable city as you see it - including the role of Attila the Hun - and show you how Venice suffered the world’s first aerial bombing raid.

With our guide to Venice you’ll visit the world famous Fenice opera house and hear about how it rose from the ashes – twice. We show you San Trovaso, the only church in Venice with two front entrances – and explain why this is. You’ll hear about the shadowy Scuolas as the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and get a real sense of the real Venice and why the city contains some of the most beautiful art in the world – while you look at it.

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Start Point

Sestiere San Marco 312
30124, Venice
Veneto, IT

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