A Parisian Stroll

A 6 km walking audio tour guide in English in Paris featuring 18 highlights.
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Guide Description

Picture Paris. What do you see? For artists like Picasso and provocative Galnsbourgh to intellectuals like Satre, Paris was the place to live. For others, like the tight leather clad Jim Morrison and the 'hyper'-witty Oscar Wilde it has become a glorious final resting place. To some, like Madamme Curie, it was a place to work while for the likes of Casanova it was a place to hunt. But for us it will be a place to stroll.

The audio guide starts at St Michel fountain, then we walk past the Notre Dame and through the Latin Quarter, passing the Roman arena and the Mosque, the ancient rue Mouffetard, the heroes of the Phantheon, to the serenity of the Luxemburg garden. Finally you will find yourself in St Germain, on the beautiful Place St Sulpice.

Coverimage: Notre Dame by winspeare (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Place Saint-Michel 9-13
75006, Paris
Île-de-France, FR

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