Grand Loop

A 10 km walking audio tour guide in English in Walnut Creek featuring 12 highlights.
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Guide Description

Featuring naturalists Seth Adams, Ken Lavin, Mike Moran, and Beverly Ortiz, this tour takes you on a panoramic loop around the top of California’s 3,849-foot Mount Diablo. The tour can be enjoyed at home, or downloaded to a digital audio player or smartphone to take on the trail.

Allow 4 to 5 hours for this challenging 6.8 mile loop around the top of Mount Diablo in Mount Diablo State Park in California. With 1,800 feet in elevation gain, the hike offers some of the best views of scenery and spring wildflowers on the mountain. Park at the entrance to Juniper Camp and walk north through the campground to start at Deer Flat Road.

Sponsored by Save Mount Diablo,
California State Parks Foundation

Created by Audio Guides to the Outdoors

Coverimage: Mount Diablo, California in #HDR via iPhone 4 [photo] by Robert Raines (CC BY 2.0)

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Start Point

Moses Rock Ridge
94598, Walnut Creek
California, US

About Save Mount Diablo

Save Mount Diablo

Since 1971 we have increased the preserved lands on and around Mount Diablo to over 110,000 acres for people and wildlife. We have 70,000 to go!

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